ESXi 6.7 USB install setup from Linux

Just upgraded some of my Lab hardware, now to install 6.7 on a newer Dell R630 without a CDROM we need to copy the installer to USB stick.    I prefer using Linux, and the default instructions at VMware fail to work on Ubuntu 18.04,  so here is the solution I found for Ubuntu 18.04 Install Syslinux 3.86 on your Ubuntu ( latest version of Syslinux  … Continue reading ESXi 6.7 USB install setup from Linux

2020 FreeNAS HBA setup

See main article  FreeNAS 2020 Build The process of setting up the hardware ran into a few snags. FreeNAS crash When inserting my first HDD into a front-panel slot on the SuperMicro box,  FreeNAS immediately started to crash on boot as shown. The key info is: GEOM_RAID: SiI-070610140534: Force array start due to timeout. FreeNAS forums document that drives previously used with Software RAID or … Continue reading 2020 FreeNAS HBA setup

2020 FreeNAS component upgrades

See Main article 2020 FreeNAS upgrade. To support FreeNAS,  the following upgrades were added to the base SuperMicro 2U chassis.   The approximate Ebay prices are shown. SuperMicro AOC-SLG3-2M2  M.2 adapter card ( $41 ) 2 x M.2 NVMe to U.2 (SFF-8639) cable ( $35 each ) Intel 400GB DC-PC3700  NVMe U.2 drive  ( $99 )  rated 10DWPD for Slog Intel 1.2 TB DC-P3600 NVMe U.2 … Continue reading 2020 FreeNAS component upgrades

NSX lab North/South Routing options

References vSphere / ESXi homelab setup   ( Existing lab setup ) Logical Switch setup on NSX   ( Earlier post on setting up Logical switches ) Intro This post continues my studying of basic NSX concepts in preparation for my VCAP6-NV. I’ll try and cover some answers I’ve found to some of my mis-conceptions along the way, and finally run a few labs. As a review … Continue reading NSX lab North/South Routing options

Adding VSAN to my Nested ESXi lab

Introduction It’s relatively easy to enable vSAN on our Nested lab,  so let’s  take a short detour. My previous posting on Nested ESX setup is here. And the physical network setup is here. I originally had setup my nested lab with vSAN but immediately got very low disk IO performance of about 2 IOPS, so I switched to NFS storage.    Even NFS had sub-par … Continue reading Adding VSAN to my Nested ESXi lab

ESX/NSX nested lab – Part II

This part continues to build out NSX on top of the Nested ESX cluster created in the last part ESX/NSX nested lab – Part I. Part I included some basic NSX setup for convenience such as. NSX Manager installed from OVF, and linked to vCenter. Physical network ESXi uplinks included allowed vLAN 100 for vxlan. distributed switch set to allow Jumbo 9000 MTU,  (> 1600 MTU … Continue reading ESX/NSX nested lab – Part II