2020 FreeNAS HBA setup

See main article  FreeNAS 2020 Build The process of setting up the hardware ran into a few snags. FreeNAS crash When inserting my first HDD into a front-panel slot on the SuperMicro box,  FreeNAS immediately started to crash on boot as shown. The key info is: GEOM_RAID: SiI-070610140534: Force array start due to timeout. FreeNAS forums document that drives previously used with Software RAID or … Continue reading 2020 FreeNAS HBA setup

2020 FreeNAS component upgrades

See Main article 2020 FreeNAS upgrade. To support FreeNAS,  the following upgrades were added to the base SuperMicro 2U chassis.   The approximate Ebay prices are shown. SuperMicro AOC-SLG3-2M2  M.2 adapter card ( $41 ) 2 x M.2 NVMe to U.2 (SFF-8639) cable ( $35 each ) Intel 400GB DC-PC3700  NVMe U.2 drive  ( $99 )  rated 10DWPD for Slog Intel 1.2 TB DC-P3600 NVMe U.2 … Continue reading 2020 FreeNAS component upgrades

vSphere / ESXi homelab setup

Introduction This post documents my evolving home-lab setup as of December 2018 Since many of my clients are smaller SMB’s they often need hands-on help with physical storage, networking and security in addition to VMware.   Since my background was coming from a software ( not IT ) area I needed a lab that used physical hardware ( e.g production servers and network equipment ) Equipment … Continue reading vSphere / ESXi homelab setup