Definitive Nested ESXi 6.5/NSX guide

Steps to create a nested ESX 6.5 / NSX lab.


This guide documents a working nested NSX lab after I had numerous problems setting up nested ESX 6.5 with NSX with existing documentation written for ESX 5.5 and earlier.

This guide covers items specific to nested ESXi & NSX ( that is installing NSX into virtual ESXi hosts ) not generic instructions for NSX as there are plenty of instructions on-line for that.  Since this is a lab, only a single NSX controller is used,  but if you have the capacity all 3 can be installed.

Thanks to William Lam’s ESX appliance and blog entries below I was able to get started with nested ESXi, but continued to have random issues with networking.   There are two reasons I’m switching from W. Lam’s appliance back to the ESXi install:

  • The vGhetto ESXi appliance has ESX Mac learn dvFilter installed, which may conflict with the newer method of using ESX-LearnSwitch on the physical host.
  • ESXi 6.0+ installer now has vmtools pre-installed , so that feature of the appliance isn’t needed anymore

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